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Blended Learning (Hybrid Learning)

The definition of blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns: (1) at least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace; (2) at least in part in a supervised brick-and-mortar (physical) location away from home; (3) and the modalities along each student’s learning path within a course or subject are connected to provide an integrated learning experience (Staker & Horn, 2012).

In summary, blended learning is a method of teaching and learning that integrates face-to-face and online delivery methods. The blend may comprise different proportions of each method depending on context.


‘Blog’ is an abbreviated version of ‘weblog’, a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites, usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts appear first).

Browser / Web-Based

Computer tools and applications which run on a web browser via the internet without accessing the operating system of any individual computer. These applications are accessed through web pages.